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I am thrilled to say that my experiences with StepUp Learning have been nothing short of exceptional.  I work for Wonder Brands Inc. (formerly Weston Foods) and we were originally introduced to StepUp Learning in mid-2021.  With our company going through several changes we needed to acquire some expertise to help guide our site Sustainability audits. This is where StepUp Learning came up huge for us. From the initial consultation to the hands on support we received 24/7, throughout our audits and in follow ups afterwards, they were able to provide us with the exact guidance and skill set we needed and have been set up well for future audits.  We have worked with them a couple times since the initial project, on other company initiatives and have had the same great experiences. 

I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for support, guidance, or just basic expertise as they were able to provide us with all of that!

Amanda DeFilippis
Project Manager, Sustainability 
Weston Foods

I highly recommend StepUp Learning Inc. to anyone looking for real professional advice and support on sustainability programs. They went above and beyond to support us on understanding the certification requirements, preparing training documentation and ensure we pass the certification Audits. The response and support was available at all times and even after the services was completed. StepUp definitely exceed our expectations.

Rafaela Portillo
Senior Project Manager, Business transformation, PMO
Hearthside Food Solutions