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Auditing Services

StepUp Learning offers a wide range of Auditing Services to support our customer’s needs. Our Audits are provided by a team of Auditors who are each seasoned professionals with in-depth industry knowledge and extensive auditing experience. 

Internal Audits

Internal Audits are a requirement of any Management System or Food Safety System. Typically referred to as First Party Audits, these audits are an ongoing assessment of a System’s implementation, performance and effectiveness in meeting company objectives.  

Our Internal Auditing Services support our customers who want to outsource the management and execution of their internal audit program. These audits can be designed to meet the requirements of Third-Party Certified Management Systems or Food Safety Systems or simply to assess the ongoing effectiveness of a Company Specific Program. 

Supplier Audits

Supply Chain Management is fundamental to the success of most businesses. Assessment of that Supply Chain is an ongoing requirement that can manage and mitigate the associated risks of receipt of goods that meet the Company’s requirements and specifications.

Our Services include the design of a risk-based Supplier Management Program. Audits of suppliers can range from self-assessments to on-site audits based on the risk level and the criteria for Supplier goods. 

Supplier Audits can be for the assessment of new suppliers prior to onboarding or to meet the requirements of Supply Chain Management for Third Party Certified Management Systems or Food Safety Systems. 

Management System and Food Safety System Audits

These audits can be based on many different Standard Criteria and are generally referred to as Second Party Audits.  

Gap Assessments can be provided which allow Company’s to assess the implementation and effectiveness of a Management System or Food Safety System and are based on the criteria of the Company’s selected Standard. A detailed report is provided along with guidance on how to address any gaps in meeting the standard’s requirement. Typically, these audits are conducted prior to the engagement of an Accredited Certification Body who conduct the third-party Certification audit. 

Company Specific Audits are also provided. These audits are based on a Company’s own designed Management System or Food Safety System. These systems are generally implemented in Company’s who have chosen not to become Certified to one of the International Standards. They can also be complimentary to a third-party Certified System but include additional requirements specific to the Company.