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StepUp Solution Services Forms Strategic Alliance with Crisis Ready Institute

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TORONTO; June 21, 2022

StepUp Solution Services (StepUp) is pleased to announce that we have formed a strategic alliance with Crisis Ready Institute (CRI). Crisis Ready Institute works with their clients to implement a “Crisis Ready Culture” and focuses on a transfer of knowledge, helping clients hone the skills required to respond to risk and threats in real-time. Business leaders are enabled to respond to risk and challenges in a way that strengthens trust, credibility, and brand equity, rather than depreciating from them.

StepUp Solution Services sees this as an extremely complimentary service that we can offer our clients. The risks of Food Safety throughout the supply chain are a real business, brand and potentially life-threatening risk for their Consumers that many of our clients face daily. StepUp will be developing the skills of our consulting and advisory teams to support our clients develop and enhance their Food Safety Culture through the CRI frameworks” said Diane Pryde, President and CEO of StepUp Solution Services.

Crisis Ready Institute is very excited to be partnering with StepUp Solutions Services! The work that both of our organizations do is very complimentary. We’re excited to support the StepUp team, providing them with the opportunity to adopt Crisis Ready frameworks and techniques to enhance the already excellent food safety consulting, advisory, and audit services they provide to their clients. By partnering with StepUp, we have the opportunity to enhance food safety culture—which is something we strongly support—creating stronger, safer, and more resilient brands, products, and communities. We’re excited to see where this partnership leads,” said Melissa Agnes, Founder and CEO of Crisis Ready Institute.

About Crisis Ready Institute

Crisis Ready Institute is a public benefit corporation with a mission to create a crisis ready and crisis-resilient world. We accomplish this by helping leaders and their teams hone the skills required to thrive in today’s economy, and by helping organizations achieve a culture of true resilience whereby every negative incident is transformed into an opportunity to foster growth, strengthen trust, and build brand equity. The business and social landscape is rapidly evolving, bringing with it new risks and new opportunities. In order to build true resiliency for these risks and maximize on the opportunities, today’s organizations need to acquire a new skillset and strengthen their capabilities in both critical communication and crisis leadership. Through our coaching programs, courses, trainings, and advisory, we work with organizations in both the
public and private sectors, helping them build crossorganizational teams that are instinctively able to work together to respond to real-time threats in a way that builds trust with key stakeholders and strengthens brand equity.

About StepUp Solution Services

StepUp Solution Services offers a full range of Consulting, Advisory, Training and Auditing services to support our customers. Our Consulting and Advisory services assist our clients in the development, implementation and maintenance of their Management and/or Food Safety Systems. We provide auditing services that range from Internal Audits, Supplier Audits and Audits of Customer Specific Programs. Our Consultants, Advisors Course Instructors and Auditors are hand picked, well seasoned Industry Practitioners with an abundance of knowledge, years of practical experience and committed to delivering exceptional service. We are passionate about our business and committed to providing exemplary
services that support and delight our customers.

Upcoming Sessions

For further detail, stay tuned for our upcoming information sessions and understand how you can take your business to the next level with Crisis Ready Institute & StepUp Solution Services. For further information on dates and to speak to us directly, please reach out to [email protected]

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